Can't Find Spartan Ops Matches

I’ve tried several times to find people in Spartan Ops, waiting the full ten minutes until it gives up and tells me it can’t find anyone. It says there are over 3,000 people in the mission I’m trying to play, though. Does anyone know what’s going on with this? The same thing happened to me in Halo: Reach with Firefight Matchmaking, it never connected to anyone.

War Games works just fine, I don’t know why Spartan Ops won’t work. I just want to know how to fix it.

I have your exact problem: no issues in Multiplayer but can’t find anyone in Spartan Ops, this makes me pretty angry because I do want to play some coop.

Exact same thing happens to me, it takes more time to find 3 other people than playing one mission

Same here, can’t find a ops group. it says there are 3000+ people but can’t find anything. Just now I let it search for as long as it could. after a few minutes it just said something in the lines of: “Can’t find any players, there may not be enough players at the moment, try again later.”

I should note that like everyone else, wargames works just fine.

This is ridiculous, it’s been almost a month and I still can’t play online. The worst thing is that I even got the Limited Edition. UNACCEPTABLE.

Same issue. Episode 6 is out and can’t play it online!!!

Whatever the problem was it hasn’t gone away. I have exactly the same issue - wargames matches quickly, but Spartan Ops times out.

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The last post was a year ago and guess what still the same issues doesnt suprise me how this company gave us garbage for our money i donnot have high hopes for halo MCC i honestly believe it will just have all the same issues each game had and more and they will not try to fix it i like how battlefield lets you see servers and games and how many are playing maybe they should adopt that concept that way you can kinda not waste your time.

in all honestly 343i has frustrated me with all there big talk but nopt delivering like how they said halo 4 will be an experience as if your aboard the UNSC Infinity yet all i end of getting is some cheap backround of a spartan standing at a terminal i mean seriously thats such a let down they could have at least said your going to feel like your in a lame menu thats sapposed to simulate your on some ship.

come 343i ppick it a bit people i know your trying but try and actualy see these little things.