Can't find my gamertag in leaderboards!!

When I search for my gamertag on the infinity challenge leaderboards, since they changed, nothing happens. I’ve looked through the lists too but there are too many names to manually do it. I’m using am iPad 2 if that makes any difference. Can anybody help or tell me at least where I’m at?

343 Infinity Challenge Finals NEEDS gamertag search like qualifier round

Yea, I’m having the same issue and I couldn’t find mine or yours. Can anyone help?

You are #1769 on the tier 2 leaderboard.

I’m really not trying to be a -Yoink-, but unless your playing 18 hours a day, there’s no point of even trying.
I have roughly 18 hours in the last 2 days, and I’m placed to win -Yoinking!- dog tags.
The people at the top (even tier 2) are playing so much, they could go GET JOBS and have enough to buy that headset multiple times over.
The people in the top of tier 2 are good enough to be on page 2 or 3 in tier 1(out of hundreds of pages).
When everyone was talking about a halo 4 boycot awhile ago, I thought they were being ridiculous, but I’m starting to agree.
Hell, you’d have to play at least 10 hours a day just to be in the top of tier 3!
…I give up. I’ll just spend the time I would have spent on this “tourny” working over-time, and buy myself a nice headset, lol. But not some halo/microsoft co-branded one…