Can't find match in Ranked Arena?

Anyone else having this issue? I literally can never find a ranked match for Solo/Duo Keyboard and mouse. It just searches forever.

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You can find matches way faster in the other playlist.

I think it’s time to get rid of the solo playlists.

Make all ranked playlists crossplay and introduce more playlists. I know they were hesitant as current format splits population 3x for every playlist. Sack off solo/duo.

Roll on FFA, SWAT ranked etc etc

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Ohh I know, I play controller as well. Just want to throw mouse and keyboard in there cuz its challenging but man does it take forever to find a match just for this particular playlist.

I need Duo and Trio ranked playlist. That is all I played with my online buds back in the day.

I also have no need to play casual playlist once I max out my game pass. The lack of any other progression system to work towards is very confusing!

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Because they released a barebones game and then took 6 months for more barebones material.

We’ve moved on.