Can't find games at all

I am from Argentina and I can’t find a match in Matchmaking. I can only find matches of Team Arena or Slayer. When I search for other playlists(Breakout/BTB) or warzone, I spend like 10 minutes searching, and then appears a message that says: “There are not enough players in this playlist. Try later” .
I have a 12MB connection(which I think is enough to search for a freaking match!), Open NAT and I don’t understand why I cant find a match. All my Argentinean friends are having the same issue, so for us is impossible to play anything but Slayer or Team Arena.
Something I thought i could be the problem is that I can’t find a match because I am not ranked, but still makes not sense, because I started playing Halo 5 when the season started and I don’t think I am the ONLY guy who is not ranked. The only way I can play other playlists is joining a friend who is playing it during the MM lobby, which is not as easy as it sounds, because the lobby is always full.

Finally, if someone knows how to fix this issue I would really appreciate it, if there is any 343I employee reading this, please help!!!

I believe the system matches you with people in your area. I doubt there are a whole lot of people in your area playing. Now I might be wrong but I was led to believe that’s why

Actually as far as I know there are Xbox live servers in brazil (next to argentina), and there is many people playing. I dont understand why i cant get mactched to other players

I’m brazillian and i can’t find any match too…

I am from Chile and I have the same problem :c

It has nothing to do with your connection guys. They use dedicated servers locked to your region. So unfortunately it just means that there really just isn’t anyone playing in the playlists you are trying to get a game in in your country or regional area. Only thing I can suggest is wait if you are patient enough on a game type for maybe 15-20 mins max for any possible game going in that match type to finish and get matched up with those people for the next game. Other than that you are out of luck and will just have to stick were the majority of players are

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> I have a 12MB connection(which I think is enough to search for a freaking match!)

I have 125 MB… 12 MB is not good enough for online matchmaking in today’s era even with systems like dedicated servers.