Can't find e-mail about specializations

Hi, I bought Halo 4 on December 1st.

I just reached level 70 in matchmaking and have completed the Operator and Wetwork specializations.

My friends said that I should have already received an e-mail with codes for me to unlock the other specializations; but when I check the e-mail inbox that I registered my xbox live account with, I can’t find the message about specialization codes anywhere. I checked the trash and junk folders just in case but it isn’t there either.

Is there a way I can get the codes sent to me again? It kind of sucks not getting xp, or being able to unlock these other specializations.

Thanks for your help.
Love the game by the way.

Scr33n L00k3r

<- thinks the codes should be sent via Xbox live messaging, or placed somewhere in Waypoint (like Reach’s Waypoint armors or domain videos) E-mails seem so iffy these days+^_^+

Thanks but I looked in Waypoint and in the e-mail address I have registered to my gamertag, and still no e-mail or message about specialization unlock codes to be found. :frowning: Kind of disappointing.

Well you bought the game on December 1, the offer was buy the game and play online before Nov 20. So you will just have to wait untill more players have reached LV 70 so that 343 can remove the cap for all of us.

I bought my game on release date, I still don’t have my codes. Right now I am stuck on level 70. I wish they would get this -Yoink- fixed

The email your friends are referring to was a special reward to people who played the game before Nov 20th:

Since you didn’t start until after this date you were not eligible to receive the email in the first place. I’m afraid you will have to wait until they are released to the public in general.

343 should have just given early specilaisation access to Limited Edition holders in my opinion.

> I bought my game on release date, I still don’t have my codes. Right now I am stuck on level 70. I wish they would get this Yoink! fixed


> Here are a few reasons why your inbox may still be empty:
> • Emails were sent to both opt-in and opt-out accounts (in regard to your receive marketing emails preference).
> • If you did not play Halo prior to November 20 at 11:59 PM EST, you would have not received the email.
> • If you are registered with Xbox LIVE in Europe, the Middle East or Africa, you would have not received the email. As noted on the original offer, these regions were not part of the Specializations offer as Specializations were extended as a pre-order offer, not a post-launch offer.
> If you don’t think you have received this email, here are a few things to consider:
> • It may be in your spam folder. Check now!
> • The codes were sent to the email address that you used when you signed up for your Gamertag. If you are now using a different email address but did not change it with Xbox LIVE, the code will have been sent to the email address associated with your Gamertag as of November 20.
> • The title of the email is “You have a gift from Xbox LIVE”. Since Specializations are not directly mentioned, you may have skipped over it.

Hey thanks a lot guys. Kinda sucks but I’ll have to read the fine print next time haha. Oh well even if I can’t get xp for now I can still get commendations and player stats.