Can't find any type of games. (Australia)

I haven’t been able to find a single game in 4 days queuing solo, only can find games if I am with 2 or more people ( excluding myself ). Even if I am with someone else from America and they are leader, neither of us find a game at all. This is ridiculous, I have no idea what is causing this. Someone with any knowledge please help.


After the season reset I cannot find any more games. Im hoping 343 do something.

There is an official thread on this, 343i are aware of recent issues. And the message of the day mentioned it. I’m not sure if completely fixed but did manage to get into one game last night, but lag was so bad I could not hurt the opposition with guns only executions could kill. Even had a team mate ask me why I keep shooting at the enemies he sniped already. On my screen they were alive and I was behind him shooting him in the back. Then he died but I was not awarded the kill

My game just started doing this yesterday, same problem. Really annoying