Can't find any games

Until yesterday I was able to find Halo 4 matches within 5 minutes (still a ridiculously long search time).

But since today I can’t find any players. It keeps on saying “Searching for players”. My NAT type is open and I can play other games online fine.
I also restarted my XBox completely and resetted my router.

Shouldn’t this sh*t be working two months after the release???

I just noticed that it’s not only affecting the Halo 4 playlist, but all other playlists as well.

Great job 343 f*cking Industries. Friday night, no Halo.

I played a number of matches this morning, all on the H4 playlist. Had matches setup in about 30 seconds.

yeah i am having issues finding matches and i am getting disconnected during a match also.

Are you in the Us? I find it hard to find games on Australian servers due to population count. Needs to be like titanfall - choose your server based on player count and ping preferences