Can't find a warzone, warzone assualt or FFA game.

its like the number keeps increasing. First I couldn’t find an FFA game which really angered and saddening me because it was my favorite game mode and I only got to play one game. Next I can no longer find a Warzone assault game which also annoyed me greatly. Now i can longer find a war zone game and if by the slight chance I do it takes 10 minutes and the game often kicks me out. It is ridiculous that I can’t find a game when this game has been out for 1 month. I know it isn’t the population because my friend who lives near me can find one easily. 343i please fix this issue or you will lose a substantial amount of customers.

Have you done a. Multiplayer network test on the xone dashboard? Test it and hit rb/lb and right and left trigger at the same time and check out the info. Check ms and Nat type espacially.

nope they are all fine. Open Nat, 49 ping. Everything is up to scratch