Can't exit matchmaking glitch

I’ve been having this problem since launch day. I play Warzone mostly so can’t say if it’s also a problem for arena because I don’t play arena. After a game before locked into a match (searching for players, step 1/4, 1/24 players found) when it gives me the option to leave, I press B and try to leave. It says are you sure and I say yes. Now it’s maybe 1/3 or 1/4 of the time that it takes a good amount of time to process the request, like 5 seconds and I usually have to press B and say yes I want to leave 1-2 additional times. So that’s a problem. But what is very frustrating is when it absolutely refuses to load my request, to where I am doing the B+A (A to confirm the action) combo up to 15 times and it does nothing. Then it finds a game and of course my option to leave the matchmaking process disappears, essentially forcing me to restart Halo 5 or enter the match and promptly quit. This is extremely frustrating for me. I want to say it has improved slightly since maybe December but it is marginal at best. I don’t know if anyone else has this problem but I really wish it would be solved. It’s bad enough that you have this “lock in” feature where you can’t leave matchmaking once all players have been found, but this is too much for me. Please fix it 343. Should I try deleting and reinstalling the game?