Cant even play forge

Unable to start dedicated server… along with losing my on track armor coating… great start 343

Good ol’ patch day/launch day bugs. Such a commonplace occurrence in gaming these days.

It’ll get fixed.

Probably take weeks for 343

Still getting Dedicated Server errors. I think I’ve managed to play 4 or 5 matches today?

Also, fun bug. When I quit Halo because of the dedicated server bug, other games won’t launch until I do a hard reset of my Series X. This only started happening today.

for some reason i cant even click the community tab or start forge or custom games

I’m having this same issue too. Running the game through steam with a fairly high end PC. 6800x processor, 3080, 32 G of ram. Normal multiplayer and custom games run great. When I go to start forge I get the same “unable to start dedicated server” or the game just crashes. Rip.

I am honestly surprised at how buggy this version of Forge is, considering it is essentially the same forge as Halo 5’s but just ported to the new version of the engine.

Shame that we cannot edit offline and THEN connect online to file-share the maps and prefabs we come up with.

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