Cant equip weapon skins

Anybody else not able to equip the skins that they have unlocked? I equip them in my customization but my magnum skin is the only one that changes. I have DMR and BR skins and they are selected, but when im in a arena match they just have the default skins. I know the skins are pointless and all but its something to look forward to when opening packs haha

For some reason 343 felt it was a good idea to make the skins only appear on LOADOUT weapons. Basically any weapon you pick up on the map will not show the skin you have unlocked. To sum it up, the only skins that will show up for you in ARENA is pistol and assault rifle. In warzone your skins will show up on anything you spawn with. Its really stupid i agree.

I agree it is kind of stupid also it would be really useful if they showed up in forge

It’s just a gun why’re you people mad about it? Not being mean or sarcastic. But we didn’t have skins in the older Halo’s and I never saw a complaint of skins on guns. It’s just a gun. Pick it up and shoot.

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