Can't edit insignia/logo/nameplate freely - WHY

Why can’t we edit our insignia/logo/nameplate (or whatever you call that small little logo) freely anymore, by selecting the background etc. by ourselves?

We are forced to choose from premade options, and for what? Are you going to sell us the option to edit them freely for 50€?

Truly cannot comprehend what has gone through the mind who approved this change. Such a basic feature that has been present for a decade. An easy way to make you feel unique. Taken away, for what? WHY?


“Money money money!” - Mr. Krabs, now working at 343i

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Money. And also, since it’s Free 2 Play you have people creating new accounts constantly to make obscene emblems. That was a problem even in the Halo 2 days.

For the same reason we cannot freely customise our armour colours & receive coatings for weapons and vehicles, honestly its not very good, far too restrictive.

I don’t mind it with the weapons and vehicles, since Halo Infinite doesn’t use a loadout system and just has it like the OG’s.

I despise it with the armour customisation however.

In other words the Emblem customisation is a symptom of a more universal problem.