Can't eat, can't sleep, can barely breathe. 343 ruined my life. 343 must apologize

I’ve been awake the last 72 hours. One thought constantly races through my mind:

“Why did 343 lie and ruin halo?”

It leads to me ruminating on other agonizing ideas:

“Infinite has been described as being a “platform” for the Halo franchise for at least the next decade”

10 more years of this?

I can’t sleep over it.

At night I lie in bed, eyes wide open.

I turn on my xbox. I gaze at the Halo Infinite logo for 5 minutes. I turn the xbox back off.

I still can’t sleep.

All I can do is have nightmares that this game will never shape up. Imagine. 10 years of FOMO. 10 years of agonizing over armor coatings. 10 years of checking the shelves to see what exclusive skin came in a can of pringles. 10 years of buying OPI nail polish and redeeming the codes. 10 years.

I can’t breathe.

My chest is constricting.

Will the Hydra ever have an armor coating?

My eyes are bloodshot

What if I take a month of Halo? Will I miss the Grunt Birthday Party armor effect?

I still can’t close my eyes.

Will Blue team’s armor be released in season 2 or season 3?


Is this satire? I love it.


Look I am just frustrated as you and everybody else…but… In reality its just a game. If you can’t sleep or eat and barely breath then you may have some serious issues. So what if 343i screwed up a few things it’s a new game. I’m not condoning what 343i has done or how they went about releasing it so many issues. The bottom line is "It’s Just A Game!’ Hell I go play COD and BF2042 when I get frustrated with Halo Infinite! So just take a chill pill go play a different game in the mean time. No big deal! my friend. :fist_right: :fist_left:


Hahahahahaha! Superb!

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In every other scenario the statement “its just a game” could be relevant, But Halo is not just a game, it is a way of life. For many it spans from a spotty, sweaty handed teenager to a married man or woman with children. The music brings you out in goosebumps and, for example, the memories of playing the Vidmaster Challenge Annual with a group of guys you hooked up with in the lobbies and remain good friends and gaming buddies will last forever.


Couldn’t have said it better, BrightSpArkZ. You also understand what it is like to not just be a gamer, but a true Halo fan


I have played Halo since Halo Combat Evolved. I ran a Halo Combat Evolved Modded Server for 7 Years called “ROCKET WHORES WORLD!” and Halo 2 server and Halo Online server for a few years on PC. Halo to me it’s just a game that I like very much. It’s a hobby to screw around with. It’s not my life! :laughing: .

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Everyone has different attachments to things in their lives and I respect yours. For many it is more than a game though. But you have to admit, even a hobby is part of your life. Would you rather collect toy soldiers or play Halo? Therefore it is still a life choice

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AMEN BROTHER! I agree with you 100% :fist_right: :fist_left:


i agree, its basically a big part of my life


Would 343 apologizing really help you sleep better, or would it just be something else for you to latch on to and complain about as hollow or them making excuses?

I am so sorry you’re going through this. Nobody should EVER be taken advantage of with mental health issues! It’s 2022 for crying out loud. What does 343 have to say about this, people in your condition? Unbelievable. I’m literally shaking right now. I’m sending prayers :pray:


Lol, the music brings a grin too my face, but i need to give my wife a trigger warning when it comes on and reassure her that I, in fact, do love her more than Halo.


Message recieved. Thank you for your healing vibes, fellow human with horrible mental issues :slight_smile:

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Yes. I just want to sleep at last


This copypasta is a piece of art

chef’s kiss


Know what you mean. Soon after what happened with Infinite I kind of just felt fed up. It’s just depressing to think about a franchise that I have supported for 20 years to end up in this way and this is why had to take a break from Halo overall. I just feel like with 343i it’s just one problem after another.

I’ll give the Halo TV series but the way 343i are handling the IP I’m concerned.

You can relax, 343 would never cause fomo.
Have you tried counting grunts instead of sheep?

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I hear sleeping pills will be offered in the store next week. They’re part of a bundle though


We’ll work on it :facepunch: here’s a 2700 vbuck bundle containing cortana feet charms for your Commando and for the MK7 armor core.