Cant download Halo App

I updated to the Windows 10 Anniversary, but even after that, I am unable to download the Halo app from the Store. When I go to the Halo App in the store, the option to get it is greyed out. I seem to meet the system requirements for the app, but in the store I see a message that says, “This app needs hardware your device doesn’t have”. Any suggestions?

Tried updated to Windows 10 Anniversary a second time and it seemed to update properly. I then went back to get the Halo App again and it seemed to work. Tried launching it and everything seems good. Problem solved, I guess.

Thanks for this report and keeping us updated - glad it worked for you!

I downloaded the app after the update so I could forge on my PC, and every time I open Halo 5 Forge, it says I could experience stability issues, then it closes every single time.

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Peut ètre que ton ordinateur n’est pas sufisament puissant.:wink:

The halo app when I was downloading it it had an error half way downloading I don’t understand what happend