Can't Donwload Halo 5 Beta, HELP!!!

I dont know what is going on but it doesn’t give me the option to Download the beta, I need help!!!

I’m still having the same problem. I go into the extras menu and the beta is still greyed out and unavailable. I’m hard reset my xbox countless times and it hasn’t made a difference at all. Very frustrating and beyond disappointing. I love Halo and I was so excited for both the MCC and the Halo 5 beta and so far I haven’t been able to play either. If anyone can help with this I would be very grateful but seeing as this has post has been up for a few days now I don’t hold much hope. Guess I won’t be playing halo 5 for a year yet.

Has anyone found the answer to this i’m really pissed it won’t work

I’m pretty sure it ended on the 18th of last month. :v

The beta is over. You can’t download or play it.