Can't deal with multiplayer much longer

  • Every BTB game = Laggy as -Yoink-.
  • Always play solo meaning = Join a losing team with sometimes no one on it so me vs. 4
  • Some distorted/unsatisfying sound effects that were meant to be ‘so good’
  • So many useless guns. Not sure why Carbine or Light Rifle are even in this game… They’re just a -Yoink- version of the BR/DMR
  • Where’s these yellow and arctic camo’s? All I got with a -Yoink- prime for AR which I never use
  • The same crap ordanance drops. Saw/Speedboost/CONCUSSION RIFLE (REALLY)/NEEDLER. And I see others going round with incineration cannon. How does that work?

Anyway doubt I’ll be playing that much until all above is addressed

Well goodluck to you elsewhere sir.

I know the feeling

I agree, you’ll just get a bunch of people telling you that you are wrong. I assure you OP, you are correct.

Sounds like either you’re having some bad luck or you’re sucking terribly.

You’re correct OP! Ordinances are limited killstreaks, and in btb all there are is 12+ power weapons being used at one time. This game is a mess! A lot of people are starting to voice the problems with the game on here, and are doing so constructively, and yet there are still tons of people who blindly say things like “NO THIS BEST HALO EVAR YAY” without giving any reasons as to why.

Explain the drops though for those defending Halo 4? I could understand if it was based on a tier system every time you got a drop the weapons would get better. In many of my games I would get 3-4 drops and get jack. But others would get the really powerful weapons.

This “Random” quality really needs to go. I’ve gotten in trouble for not giving constructive criticism when it is just my opinion that Halo 4 is sub-standard in a few ways. So in an attempt to play nice my suggestion would be to tier the ordinance drops.

I had a gravity hammer option one time on Ragnarok. I mean are you kidding me? Then I see some people getting a binary rifle on their first ordinance. So random.

> - Every BTB game = Laggy as -Yoink!-.

I played a game tonight where I got to sit back in black screen and talk to my team mates and watch the score go up as everyone played but me.

So quit.

I would like to see the old drop system return… with the sniper leaning against the wall on Valhalla and the spartan laser actually spawn more then one time per match

They should bring back “slayer” and have it separate from “infinity slayer”

I would like to see more classic maps, like boardwalk or reflection or even sword base…why are all the new maps no fun to play? Is that just me?

When I would play reach i would get so pumped to play sword base. Now its like, “okay, looks like we are playing haven…AGAIN” its pretty unbearable

> Get a better internet connection.

I’m about done with all these pointless complaints. It’s almost like you guys have to start making stuff up just so you can complain about it. Don’t like it? Go play another game. Why come on here and say something about it? Do you like the attention?