Can't connect to MP, some elements are bugged

After recently installing Halo: MCC, I have not been able to join or start any multiplayer matches, with the custom game browser immediately timing out before searching, and I cannot join or invite my friends to matches as their requests also immediately time out for me. Queueing for standard matches in Social and Competitive also do not seem to work.

Another bug I’ve noticed is that many elements of The Exchange and the Season tab all have white images in place of their standard messages and have placeholder text, such as “$NAMEPLATE_REAVING_EVOLVED_S8TITLE”, “$H3_LeftShoulder_belos_glory_desc”, etc. I’m currently running the Windows 10 version included with Game Pass and this is the first time this has happened for me.

Same. The game starts loading the slows down and back to the main menu. Sucks