Can't connect to matchmaking or play with friends.

“Connecting to transport service, Please Wait.”

When I try connecting to matchmaking it says that. In both insider and normal MCC.

I hear it’s a Windows 7 issue but theres been no confirmation from 343 about it, so I’m not sure.

When I try joining a friend or they try to join me theres nothing, no error, no joining.

Yeah I’ve got the same issue can’t play multiplayer
Both mcc insider and normal stuck on connecting…
I’m on Windows 7 aswell :confused:

its a pc thing not just win 7 I am on windows 10 and i cant even do anything

An update was released on steam for the insider version
It works now I’m playing multiplayer


This issue should be resolved now, if you are still experiencing problems please file a ticket on the support site. Thanks!