Cant Connect to Halo Servers?

My bf and I play in the same house, same internet… I cant connect to servers it states yet he can. Why?? and any one else with the same issue?

Says MM servers are unavailable. i have Fotus armor, but in game it only shows default. i have 2 custom loadouts but can only pick from the defaults when playing. it shows me SR9 but in MM it shows SR1 and i’m not gaining any xp either

I am having the same problem. I cannot join any games or friends. Can only sit back and watch. This is lame and I am very frustrated with microsoft right now. I called support and end up getting a busy tone after going through the prompts.

Not surprising being day 1. But still, I hope this is sorted soon.

Servers down on day 1?!?! Hurry back please!

Seriously guys, this happens for pretty much any major game in recent history. Any CoD, h3 crashed xbox live when it launched. Relax it will sort itself out as the mass amounts of people who either stayed up late around the world/stayed home from work/have no life, start to return to their regular gaming schedule.

wtf!!! day 1 server down only for some people… hurry up 343!!! BAD START…

I also have the same issue. it says that the halo 4 severs are unavailable at this time and i should try again later but my friend who lives down the road from me has no problems like this.

FIRST I WILL SAY I LOVE THE GAME!!! But after playing all night out of the blue I can no longer join any of my friends and I can’t play matchmaking and it shows me being SR1 even though I am really SR11. Honestly I am uber steamed about this situation I am in! If said situation persists I just might reconsider my opinion of this game but I don’t want to be pushed to that point. So if possible can you fix this really fast for all of us having the same problem?

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I am also having difficulties connecting to my friends to play campaign

It says my status is not joinable and that exactly what is happening, i am unable to join or invite friends to a coop game. It keeps telling me online that the servers are unavailable which would generally mean launch day overcrowding of the servers but if that is the case its going to get lots worse before it gets better as people are starting to get home from work/school/college. You would think these companies would learn from watching every other game launch fail in the exact same ways.

I’m having the same issue! Cant connect to my friends!