Can't connect to Halo Lobby

For some time now, I can’t connect to the halo Lobby. If i try to play multiplayer, i get an error saying “Attention Unable to connect to halo 5 guardians lobby”. From the launch of the Game till ~ december 2015 i had no issue in playing Halo 5 multiplayer.

I un- and then reinstalled the game, made an hard reset of my xbox, un- and replugged my modem. But nothing seems to work. Does someone have any advice?

Thank you

same issue - took a game updated and can no longer connect

Same issue here after the update but for me it keeps searching for players till it gives me an error saying that there arent enough players in the playlist due to which it is unable to connect. Like WTF it was working perfect prior to the update and I was able to find matches in 30-45 seconds!?!?! Feels like MCC all over again. It does work in a party though but I can barely connect to arena or warzone as its giving the same error on every playlist. I highly doubt the population is dead on weekends -_-


still have the same issue - contacted Microsoft support twice now and getting no joy to fix.
SR1334014200 & SR1334746235
Come on 343 - some feedback please on a fix.
unable to get into HALO 5 Lobby post game update. live is working and so are other games. issue specific to Halo 5 only.

Still not working come 343 please help

Finally I was looking for a forum like this. I can’t play halo 5 at all and if I try to check my carnage report it says data issue and I also hard restarted plugged out my internet box but nothing works so people plz can u telll me how to fix this issue as I’m missing the firefight beta

Have the same issue here. I hope the servers will come back on within a few hours or days depending on how bad the server was affected by some bug.

I hope I don’t miss the beta one day left