Cant connect to halo 5 guardians lobby services

Since the new xbox experience update launched with the new dashboard i have been unable to connect to halo 5 guardians. I cant connect to arena or warzone, i cant even play the campaign co operatively. every time i try to connect i get an error saying “Attention Unable to connect to halo 5 guardians lobby”. I was wondering if anybody else has been having this issue. I have been watching on twitch and other gamers have been able to connect so it is very frustrating. Please help with this, i only have the weekends to play.

This might be an xbox issue. Did you try contacting xbox support?

Yes i contacted xbox support, we tried to change my DNS and also a hard reset but still no luck. I have no idea why i cant connect, I personally think its because of the new dashboard. I have only had problems connecting since the update came out.

same here

did this happen to you after playing swat

haven’t even been able to get into arena to select a playlist. stuck on the halo home menu. tried forwarding my ports there and still no joy. Haven’t been able to connect to the online features at all. going cold turkey!

Has the same problem yesterday. I can only play a few war zone matches but cannot join to my friends or invite them.

Same issue all day long since the release of the new dashboard. Tried everything possible on the One, even a “restore to manufacture settings”, uninstall/install the game, reboot modem, checked all network settings in the options… nothing to do…

Just had the support online, didn’t tell much: “wait until it’s back” more or less. If anyone manages to fix the issue, please say so :slight_smile:
It looks like Ireland is quite affected by the issue

Contacted support also. Was told to hard reset, clear cache, and reinstall the game.

no change…

still not working on my Internet, but my neighbour let me connect to their Internet and it’s working fine now. so the problem could be coming from ISPs… m

Same problem here…

same thing here… very frustrating…!!

Stil the same problem! Couldn’t play the whole weekend! 343 pls help!!

Same here

I’ve been waiting for this to fix for 2 days… Australia is also being affected.

Yea it’s been happening to be for about 2 days as well. Can we get this fixed asap please?

Happening me too. In Ireland on -Yoink!- media. Really annoying ! Broken since the dashboard update. Tried everything nothing works.

im having a disconnection issue after being in the lobby and trying to play I receive the red screen stating that i have left the fire team. even when i play solo

Same here, It was working fine yesterday for about 3 hours from 1pm (Australian EST) and since it has been up and down, I have been able to connect to games when by myself but when I attempt to connect a friends fire team it freaks it kicks both of us out of the party and back to the main menu…

Most of us have limited time to play due to work and everything and this has become very frustrating!