Can't connect to halo 5 guardian servers

Anyone else getting this issue been having the problem for 2 days now and my internet works fine and can connect to Xbox live but no halo 5.

I have been having trouble connecting since I downloaded the game, except for 2 occasions I haven’t been able to connect. I have also been struggling to connect to the forum here getting a consistent ‘can’t establish secure connection with the server’ message.

I have been able to spend some time on it today and I think that the problem is my ISP broadband filter. I have a watershed setting that kicks in at 9pm and this is what was blocking access to the forums here. I have set the address as an allowed exception and now I am able to connect (and post this).

I still can’t connect the the Halo 5 server though. Does anyone know what the address is to whitelist the game?

Many people are having connection issues with their servers. 343 does not seem to care making these forums damn right laughable.

Since yesterday I have the same problem… can’t retrieve your data from the cloud, what the --Yoink?
Solution, open snap and reboot your console from there. Pull out your ethernet wire while xbox one is doing reboot, then and before dashboard show up again connect again your wire. This worked for me, after I did this the game can retrieve my gamesave from the cloud.

Hope this helps

I Cant Connect to Halo 5 Servers im on Sky and my GT Is Shadow’s Galaxy

Just got this game played probably for a week than now i can’t do nothing that involves multi player.

Same here. Can’t log to Halo 5 servers, and can’t play online. My Internet connection is fine, since I can play online all games except for THMCC and Halo 5. Will 343 do anything about this? Any reply to our posts?!

I tried to connect again last night (6pm GMT) and got on first time. Now I don’t know if it is because I had whitelisted and or if it is a random server issue that is going to keep popping up!



ive had the same problem for amost a week, my internet is fine but the servers always have issues… what the hell 343???

Same issue here.

just started getting this problem now

Been having this issue for around 3 days now. I press to enter either warzone or arena and an after a few seconds it tells me "ATTENTION, there was an issue with the halo 5 guardians servers. Please try again.

Esto es exactamente lo que me pasa ahora, problema con el servidor y no me deja entrar a Arena ni a Warzone, casi 2 dias, POR FAVOR ARREGLENLO!!!

Same problema for me, i can’t enter in warzone, arena or any multiple player mode.
Mismo problema para mi, no puedo entrar en zona de guerra, ni arena ni ningún otro modo de multijugador.

Just started for me here. Gonna play something else instead.

Every time I try to play arena or warzone, I cant connect to the halo 5 servers.
My internet and XBOX live connection work fine. It has almost been two days and I keep getting the error:
There was an issue with the Halo 5 Guardians Servers.
Please try again.

Welcome to the club. Take a number and get in line. But seriously try hard reseting and see if that offers any relief.

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Servers are reported down again via Reddit.

So mine says, Fireteam cannot find a suitable Server and this is my fix…Let me say before you proceed that, your halo error might say something completely different such as server sync whatever. Mine has always said Fireteam cannot find a suitable server.Ive had the problem since the first doubles playlist.Ive managed to make it work by…

step 1
turning off xbox,

step 2
hard disconnecting the Ethernet from back of box

step 3
Connecting back ethernet

step 4
turning xbox on

step 5
signing in to your account on dashboard.(I have auto signed in turned off, did this because me and my girl share boxes, im sure this makes no difference but if you feel it makes a difference, try it.)

step 6
boot halo 5-done-I done this multiple times now to know it works… I did have it not work maybe once or twice, all I did was repeat, and try again.Ive done it enough to where I can possibly make a video, if I get enough requests ill make one,(although I dont think its necessary.)Its a HUGE issue, I hope 343i acknowledges the issue. :confused: Hope my fix helps you guys, if it works for you, share share share