Cant connect any Multiplayer sessions

Since a month, I have not been able to connect to any Multi-player sessions. I usually play Co-OP Campaign with my brother. Following are details:

  • I used to have 2 Mbps internet line before. I could play but due to lag, we did enjoy much.- Since this issue started, i thought it was due to my slow connection. So I recently shifted to 50 mbps line. but the issue still persists.- My brother is in the USA and I Live in India.- Last night we still couldn’t connect. Either of us would get thrown out while session was loading. So we tested solo multiplayer connections to test whether it was an issue at his side or at mine.- My brother could connect to a match-making game. I cannot. on any match-making screen, the game tries searching for players. Never finds any.- I can however play Multi-player on other games just fine.Please help me to resolve this.