Can't change loadout bug

Hey. I am playing halo 4 and there is a bug preventing me from changing my loadout . It sticks me with my first loadout and it won’t let me bring up the loadout menu. If there is a fix I would greatful, thanks.

I have the same exact glitch. I haven’t tried restarting my console or the game yet.

This bug is still out there, for sure. Just happened to me in a match of oddball. It’s happened 3 times in the last hour for me in different parties, different playlists, etc. There doesn’t seem to be any factor that contributes to this. Restarting the console, a COMPLETELY INAPPROPRIATE resolution, seems to be the only work-around.

Chalk it up to a long list of bugs in this title. Did 343 and Microsoft Studios do any QOS testing on this title? Way to drive a flagship title into the ground. You get no sympathies, respect, or justifiable excuses here. As a businessman I feel you screwed the pooch on the best exclusive title and IP for the box.

press start and go into loadout selection that route. and yes the current resolution is to either dashboard, or console restart.

This bug just got me, trying console restart now to see if it fixes the problem.

Still happens to me! :slight_smile:

Still happening as of tonight haven’t been able to change my loadout for about 5 games so far. tried different game modes an resetting my console.

I’m getting it too, not good.

I’ve had that quite a few times as well.