Can't boot up halo 5 because game pass need help

I own a fresh copy of halo 5 Guardians every time i i try to boot up my game disk it loads for about 5 seconds and then sends me back to my home screen with no error message I’ve looked online and i can’t find this problem anywere else I’ve tried booting it up with no disk in and it gave me a message about game pass being expired but it doesn’t make much sense because i deleted it when my game pass expired almost half a year ago at this point I’ve tried almost everything at this point I’ve uninstalled the game I’ve tried starting it up offline I’ve tried online I’ve tried rebooting my game and doing a full restart I’ve been going at this for a week now and i just want to get access to the product i paid for if anyone has a solution to this that would be appreciated

Have you installed Halo 5 using the disk, or were you trying to use the disk to play the digital version after your Gamepass subscription expired?

Have you tried removing your profile from your console and reinstalling it?

Have you tried a factory reset of your console (should be a last resort step)?

This sounds more like an Xbox problem than a Halo problem, so you might want to contact Xbox Support for better help.