Cant believe emblems are actually behind paywalls now

remember when you got all the emblems for free at the start of the game in halo 3 and reach and you could actually make your own emblem with pics and colors? now you just pay for some stickers that your armor actually covers up with attachments
guess emblems on weapons are cool but its still just a jpg on a gun


That’s how 2/3 of them were in Halo 5. You had to get them in REQ Packs.
The last 1/3 you get from Promotion Packs from leveling up.

You actually could play without spending a dime for REQ Packs. Don’t get me wrong, the RNG nature of it was ridiculous, but compare what even buying a REQ Pack could give you with what just $5 gives you now.


But my point is that most cosmetics were pay-wall locked somewhat.

Least my Spartan Swords emblem was free, shame I lost privileges to choose my own Emblem Colour

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