Can't be just me this happens to

Hopefully I’m not the only one this happens to but everytime i get shot at my spartan turns into a slug and can barely move allowing the enemy the kill,but when its the other way around it seems like the game gives them Sonic speed so they can get away.


Probably just the kind of perception thing.
I have a similar thing with the grenades in this game. When I throw a grenade, the guy gets away with pretty much no shield damage. When they throw a grenade, it feels like so long as I am in the same room as the grenade my shields will completely pop.
Speaking of shields, theirs will recharge in an instant, but mine seem to take 3-4 “343” business days.


I get that with shocks. It seems to pull me back but when I throw one, it doesn’t do the same


I definitely experience this with dynamo grenades where I feel stuck. I believe that’s the point of them, but I’m not sure what else I could do to get away.


You could get equipment from the map, repulsor, thrust, and grapple (maybe drop wall) could stop, or allow you to escape a dynamo. But if you don’t have those…