Can't allow players to play on 150 + ms

For the good of a person’s mental health, 343i please, don’t allow players to connect to a server which will give them such a horrible experience. You don’t appear to know how much of an exhaustive situation this is because most of your employees and I’m speculating here, must be in North America and don’t get to experience this first hand. Let me tell you that all of the connectivity issues most people complain about including desync, melee registration and etc., all of them are exacerbated in 150+ ms to a point where you just can’t compete nor more importantly have fun and quickly become the target for everyone in the lobby. I’d rather not play a single game than being forced not to quit when encountering a situation like this for the fear of being banned.


Fun thing is, sometimes 150 ping server make me absolutely invincible… :smiley:
The problem is: it goes the other way either…

But then there’d only be like 7 servers to play on :smile:

But SBMM needs you on that laggy server for the sake of balance & fair games :man_shrugging:


Ping doesn’t mean much betwene 50 and 300. It is consistancy of ping that means more.

IF you have a consistant 300 ping you barrely notice it outside of having to lead shots a bit more. It is even less noticable on console where the red aiming ring shows you you can hit.

the problem is when your ping is jumping more thenm +/- 10 as inconsistant ping leads to server connection issues on your end.

There isn’t enough people playing to have clean matchups every time. It’s especially bad in low traffic playlists.

There are only a few thousand people playing consistently, and only a fraction of that on at one time.

It’s not something 343 can directly fix other than slowing down search times to find cleaner matches, but they just fixed a problem where it was taking TOO LONG, so it can’t be both.

Also some playlists are just dead, they need to institute a system more like MCC where you can search in more than one at the same time