Can't access Multiplayer?

This could def. be a noob question, but I haven’t found a satisfactory answer through multiple Google searches. A couple months ago, I stopped being able to access Multiplayer on Halo Reach. Instead, the only options I get are for Anniversary. I’m not interested in buying Anniversary, but I paid for Halo Reach so I think I should be able to play Halo Reach. Is there a reason for this? I downloaded Waypoint and tried entering Halo Reach through there (with disk in drive) and still am not able to access any of the old Halo Reach maps.

Thanks for your help.

So in Custom Games, you can still only see the Anniversary maps?

If not, when you go to Matchmaking, instantly go back to the main menu and wait about 20 seconds, then go back to Matchmaking and all playlists should show up again.

i just re bought the game to get ready for halo 4 and have the same issue. i am not buying the anniversery maps this close to halo 4 but i still want to play the maps i do have online.