Can't access MP game.

Perhaps foolishly I went to:

And altered some prefs and uploaded a newer DXDiag file. Since then, and it might be coincidence, I can’t access MP matches. Any advice from those in the know? Thanks.

Thanks for that. I’m stuck on the screen where the UNSC logo comes and goes with you on the right and the aircraft (brain freeze can’t remember it’s name!) in the background. I know I was there at the right time. I have another thread… will link if useful.

I read that they were focussing on credits and integration in the notes, so perhaps that’s why. They did also mention social games though but perhaps last night’s session was purely transactions based or maybe they had issues with the MP servers. Thanks for the reply. The other thread was a more general one I had subbed to so nothing useful there that I could see. Will log back in tonight and see if have access. Will let you know. If you go into your name banner in the FIreteam options, it says I’m stuck in a Custom Game - Duckhunt - lakjak…

PVP/Multiplayer is only available during certain windows, please see the latest Infinite blog in the news section or articles on the Insider Support site for a list of times of when Multiplayer is live. Outside of those times you can still use Weapon Drills, Training Mode, explore the Battle Pass and Customization.