Canonical side of SPOPs map Sniper Alley

Aside from being the most linear and repetitive map out of all the SPOPs maps in my opinion, what bugs me is that we(as Crimson) have passed through this area around 4 times, especially using the entrance of the structure to reach Gagarin in episode 2. What I do not understand is, why didn’t crimson see Jul and his cronies sooner? They have always been in there right?

Look at episode 6 and see that the place the librarian was sighted is inside the structure. (which is also where the epites hide) Unless the elites and glassman all went elsewhere leaving the place unguarded in episode 2 and rushed back to appear in the cinematic for 3. What do you guys think about this continuity issue? Any thoughts on how Crimson might have missed the opportunity to kill Jul at his hideout countless number of times before?

Yeah I noticed this when they released Ep. 6. Maybe they were deeper in the system but still they should have spotted them.

Dramatic Convenience.