Canon Fodder: Atriox was after the Weapon? Really…

I think this is more evidence that the Weapon is actually Cortana because the real Weapon might actually be with Atriox.

“With everything for the UNSC riding on a precision strike against Cortana, the Infinity was set upon by a Banished ambush which prompted a ship-wide evacuation to Zeta Halo’s surface. The Banished, however, simultaneously initiated boarding action to compromise the ship’s hangar bays, led by Atriox himself who had come to claim the Weapon—though she had already been deployed to the ring.“

So this is from the latest canon fodder article. There is a line of off hand dialogue where Chief mentions Atriox came for the Weapon but it’s not really heavily stressed. However this article does confirm it.

But that’s a little odd. He came to claim something he didn’t actually need and can’t possibly have because Chief has the Weapon. Who else could the Weapon be?

Firstly, when he confronts Cortana he claims he has no need of a failed God and has a little chuckle as he tells this to Cortana. So why was his whole plan seemingly to capture this copy of Cortana and use that to trap Cortana? By the sound of it, he just lucked out as the plan worked anyway and he didn’t need the Weapon to do that. Kind of convenient. You need something, went out of your way to get it and then profess you don’t need it. Unless his amusement is because he has the real Weapon which is why Cortana is locked down and why he doesn’t have any interest in getting power over Cortana.

However at the end of the game we see Atriox has not only survived but seems to have some sort of AI with him. Which is sus. The glowing yellow thing he puts on the Dias to open the door. The way that is animated is very similar to how the Chief uses the Weapon to open various doors. So he wanted to capture the Weapon, we know Cortana was locked down for a time and that Atriox shows up with an AI we’ve never met before. That sure looks like he actually succeeded in getting the Weapon on the Infinity.

Now I’ve reckoned for a while that the Weapon we meet in the game is actually Cortana but she’s wiped her memories and assumed the Weapons place. Fresh start. If the Weapon was with Atriox she would assume that the original Weapon would have been destroyed with Atriox. Which would be the perfect cover. There’s currently nobody to contradict her version events in the Silent Auditorium. They’ve set up that the Chief tentatively trusts the Weapon. Trust has to be tested if you’re going to make a story about it. Him being lied to about who she is would be a pretty major trust issue.

Because they are being vague on a few details here and we never saw Cortana and the Weapon interact. All our interactions with the Weapon have been after the main battle. Even how it’s written in this article is an abrupt correction that the whole battle is premised on something Atriox didn’t need to do. The big dumb Brute just lucked out rather than succeeding on his plan. Which is out of step with how he’s been depicted and the sentiment of that battle.