Cannot view shared vids online?

So I uploaded a rather interesting glitch during a multi-player map. Just ended up doing something funny with my corpse. I come to get the link to show it to my friends…and all I can do is see the files name and desc. I cannot play it on this site? Really? :frowning:

Am I missing something?


Bungie created custom software to allow video rendering which let users watch said videos on

When 343 took over Halo, the custom software wasn’t part of the deal.

For video rendering to return and allow you to share your video with friends and view it online, they’d need to develop their own, and at this time, they haven’t announced such a feature.

An alternative is to check this topic out by Ov Thy Demise, a Superintendent here, he’s happy to capture your clips for you, well, when his service is back up and running anyways!