Cannot upload or download to Halo Reach file share

I believe there are existing posts for this but they seemed to be focused on leveling up and stuff like that. I cannot move anything into or out of my file share. Is this related to the current ongoing server issues? I’m trying to rebuild the library I lost. I made so many custom maps and game types.

My gamertag is: Grinchdog 00


It probably does have something to do with the other server issues.
You can follow this thread to keep up-to-date on the current state of things.
Hopefully whatever they do will solve your file issues as well.

Appreciate it Jonnie. I had a feeling that was the case. So mad at myself for selling my old XB 360 without uploading my files first… DUMB…

@ Jonnie if by “up to date” you mean “see people -Yoinking!- with no official response 'cept a message from a forum “monitor” (moderator?) and someone else’s twitter feed” then yes. But 2 things over 6 days… almost a week - it’s not good.

If you have some channel the rest of us don’t please tell them to say something. I’ve stopped playing reach in the meantime (no team-tags) and I don’t want this to (help) kill it. So information would be good.

Let’s be honest, that twitter thing is basically a stream of adverts for things like 3 or 4 games on from Reach, and it’s a few messages going “oh no that’s awful”

I’d really love to know what’s going on with the file share issues, had a funny experience going 4v1 then 2v1 and winning that I’d like to somehow transfer to a computer. If any of you have any updates, that’d be cool.