Cannot Retrieve Data

WHY! WHY! WHY!!!. 343 please fix this. Several times now I have use the Warzone Boost Victory. The game I win I always get “Cannot Retrieve Data”, this is very tiresome. This error is making so I cannot claim my reward. It really upsets me when the next game I play the boost is still there but I end up losing the game. This is BS. You guys said this will be the best Halo to date. Well I have to tell, it lacks in everything. Constant “Cannot Retrieve Data” in warzone losing the boost. ONLY 3 mission with Blue Team, come on! No Split Screen. You guys are liars, what happen to going back to Halo’s roots. You missed big time. If not for Split Screen you won’t even have been able to make these last two games. Halo wouldn’t have became a big game without split screen. I cannot believe I have even thought about not getting the next Halo and I am a big fan. It is scaring me. Please, please, please fix the issues.