Cannot ply Halo 5 again - xbox one

I finished halo 5 on my Xbox one a few months ago. Yesterday I decided that I wanted to start the game again at a different difficulty level. Like any other game that give you the option to do so, I could not find anywhere in the game that option. I can only play levels. Are you kidding me? After spending good money I am not allowed to play the game again from the beginning?

I have uninstall it and reinstalled the game but nothing. Please do not reply with telling me that I should reset my console to play the game again because that makes not sense.

I hope this is just a bug that 343 is working on fixing or this is the last Halo release that I will buy.

if you know of any clean way to fix this please let me and I am sure many other users know.



Hi OP, you should be able to replay any level you wish and change the difficulty in the level menu before starting.

Once you select campaign you get get a screen similar to this one, where you can choose which mission, what skulls are active and what difficulty you wish you play on. If you scroll down and select difficulty you get a screen that looks like this where you can cycle between the 4 difficulties. Press A on the one you want so it has the little yellow tab highlighting it and then you can start the mission. If you want to do a complete run, you should be able to start from Osiris, select your difficulty and progress on. Can actually choose the order you want to play through them :slight_smile: