Cannot play

Dear Community,

i recently moved flats and since the first day with internet in the new flat, I’ve been experiencing issues to play halo 5. My internet is working fine since I can play other games online with no issues (battlefield 1 for exemple)Sometimes the “Could not find server suitable for your fire team” message appears and some other times I can launch the matchmaking but it will not find a game. So far I’ve been able to randomly play halo 5. Sometimes it works and some others it’s just impossible to play. I can also play in custom games. This issue only appears in matchmaking.

I’ve got a fibre connexion, and have hand opened the xbox ports (though I’m not sure it made a difference). My nat type is open 100% of the time, and halo is the only game not working. So sad… :frowning: How can I play again? I hope this will be read and that my issue will soon be fixed!