Cannot play the game I bought

Hello, I was reffered to these forums by xbox live chat support. They have stated they cannot resolve my issue, and indicated that the moderators here could, or could discuss refunds since I cannot access Halo Wars 2 after spending $70 on it plus another 30 on the season pass. About a month ago I tried to download a mandatory update for the game but it continuously froze at the same point. It continued to give me the error code 0x80070570 and said that the source was corrupt and to uninstall and reinstall the game. So I tried that, and now the game itself will not reinstall, consistently getting stuck 7.13GB into the download with the same error code and corruption prompt. It consistently does this after canceling and restarting the download multiple times, as well as doing everything xbox support has asked me to do (clearing cache, resetting router, calling internet provider, uninstalling profile). No other game I have has this issue, and I’ve downloaded several updates for other games since having this issue. Xbox support says that the moderators here would have access to the full range of technical support specific to this game necessary to resolve this issue. Any help, whether it be a solution to this problem for the $90 I am not receiving a product for would be hugely appreciated.

Good luck even getting a response from the support team. They take forever to reply if they do at all. This has been the worst experience I ever had with any support. The worst part about it is my question is fairly simple but I just cant get a response to it.