Cannot play mission

I’m currently trying to beat Halo 4 on legendary but on my previous playthrough my X-box accidently got turned off while I was playing on Reclaimer and now it is not letting me back on the mission at all.

Go to the campaign menu, chose the map furthest along in your progress and set the start from the “alpha” drop point.

I’ve completed the campaign but and got the next level but it won’t let me play the level still.

Its possible you have corrupted data in either your profiles save or the game data. Two things to try;

1.) start the previous level at “bravo”, and playthrough till you get to the start of reclaimer and play on.

2.) delete and re-install halo 4 to the HDD (if you have installed it), and check your xbox storage in the system menu for any Halo 4 data with a yellow exclamation mark, as this mark means the data is corrupted or incomplete.