cannot play halo 4


my problem is that i dont can play halo 4 online.
i have a internet connection and xbox live too.
when i go to menu ingame , i cannot see my real spartan level, it says im on lvl 1 but im really on lvl 69 ! play all on legendary, missions, spartan ops, everything! im going crazy!
next i cannot see it on
when i want to see my profile on i only get a error code!!
ingame the same!
the problem was started yesterday morning (26.11.2012 at 10.23 am)
i dont know what i can do! can anybody tell me whats going on?
i want to play, i love that game! never played halo before!

ahh then i become a message that the halo 4 servers are down. but how long???
im waiting for more than a day! i have searched internet, forums, bla bla and i found nothing problems like mine! also i can see my friends online playing, with the spartan rank and something else, but mine will not work. im gonna cry now!

hope anybody can help me or give me some information.
and when something want to play the mission on legendary in koop or can help me,
pls add me on xbox live.

nick: noonlicious

PS: sry for my bad english, im from bavaria. Germany.
Hope for fast answers.

I had similar problem. After online comeback to live it seems some changes (like playlists etc.) are made. Good thing 343i works to improve Halo 4 and Waypoint, but bad thing they don’t care about gamers in Europe, which are few hours ahead American hightime. They should make maintenance work with more aware of european time (even if Halo isn’t the most popular franchise in here).

Mhh okay, Hope i understand.
I think u Mean my only Chance is , that i have to wait?
That the Servers come back online???

Thanks! Teusz!

You should check if other games (other than Halo) are working. If they do, then you need wait. If they don’t, you should call Microsoft hotline.

Ok, i will Test it and give answer Soon.


So i Tested mw3 online and it Works without probs!

So i think that i have to wait or what did u Mean??

Thanks a Lot!