Cannot play due to Microsoft Account

I’ve installed the Steam version to join the past weekend.
Microsoft authentication inside the game cannot authenticate me. Then, it asks me to create another account. I’ve put a wrong email address to the new account created.
Now, It’s asking me for the confirmation code received on an email that doesn’t exist.
The fun fact is that there is a button to change the emai address or create one, but they don’t work. I click them but nothing happens.

Please fix it or say where to reset local data. I’ve also tried to re-install the client but it keeps local traces of the previous account.

Please help me, even this weekend the form to change email on microsoft account is bugged.
Give me a way to remove from my PC the microsoft account linked with the game so I can login with my correct one.

I’m also on PC, have also installed through Steam, and am also receiving the your account is not authorized message when I try to log into my Microsoft account (which is the same email address where I received the email with the invite).

Another weekend without playing is passed.
I’ve launched the game and it request me a validation email’s code sent to that obviously i cannot access, and the button to change it to a valid email doesn’t work.

It’s not always just the email address from a recent issue we experienced, payment methods also had to be updated. It might not be your issue but definitely worth checking everything’s up to date.