"cAnnot locate halo cd-rom" error

Hello Everyone,
My son finally got an Xbox and Halo:Reach…pretty cool and the graphics are certainly in your face. Big difference from our previous experience with HALO: Combat Evolved on the PC from many years ago.

So…while feeling nostalgic, I fired up the PC and loaded up my original HaloCE CD to play around a bit. Installation went flawlessly. However, when I try to play, a pop-up declaring it “Cannot find the Halo CD-ROM” along with an intruction to reinsert the disc appears. This happens when launching the game from the desktop icon, or inserting the disk and pressing PLAY on the pop-up window, or clicking on the actual CD-ROM SETUP file.

I am running XP SP3 and have never had an issue in all the years I played this (which was s few years ago). The installation is on the C-drive and I have only one DVD reader which is the D-drive by default. Nothing special or unusual about the PC. Everything else including Age Of Mythology runs fine. Has MS somehow prevented the playing of legacy games through some update.


Try this

If it does indeed work, get yourself Custom Edition. It’s FREE and just install It over your current Halo install. You can get various of Custom Maps and mods If you want.