Cannot join a match

Why can’t I join a match on halo mcc? I try to play halo reach and halo 3 infection, but it wont find anyplayers. Can anyone help me? its stuck on searching for players

Same here, I’ve known of several people with the same problem so I guess it’s problem of the game, hope they fix it soon

I’ve encountered a similar issue, the way i fixed it on my end was of opening up the windows store in the downloads section and pressing the “get updates”, steam i think has a different way of getting updates (look at the bottom of your games and apps section), and on the xbox, it will nag you for an update if you try to play it.

edit: you must accept the “package manager” UAC prompt if you have the windows store version after a downloaded update from there, i’m not too sure about how steam works, but the xbox version will nag you if there’s an update available.