Cannot hear anyone in game chat.

I’ve been playing a rather varied number of games, trying out everything short of free-for-all, and not once have I heard anyone talk in the game. Not in warzone, break out, team arena, team slayer, swat, nothing. I’ve made sure I’m not in a party, I’ve hit the back button and changed to game chat to double check, I’ve turned off the game chat option in the game on and off, but still nothing. I know the community can be bad,and some might see this as a blessing, but it can get really frustrating to play the game constantly and not hear a single peep out of a person unless I’ve started a party. It does seem to me that some people might be in parties, or not have headsets, but since I’ve gotten the game on launch the only people I’ve heard in game, including friends I know have working mics, have been people who are in my party.

Is there some setting I’m missing that keeps me from hearing other people? Is it because I have the NXOE?

I’m having the same issues and even worse. Can’t chat with a friend of mine. Although that may be a problem on his side I’m no thinking. Even in party chat we can’t talk. I can hear him but he can’t hear me. Every once in like 10 games i hear someone talk whilst I do see icons of mics being connected or people in party chat…

Same here! Can see the mics symbol changing, but can’t hear them!

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> Same here! Can see the mics symbol changing, but can’t hear them!

This was a over a year old. Please don’t revive old threads.