Cannot Find Games in BTB Solo

A few weeks after the awesome multi-map update to Big Team Battle, matchmaking started taking forever to find me a game in the Big Team Battle arena playlist. Then…I couldn’t find a game at all. Here I am several weeks later and I simply cannot find a game when searching Big Team Battle. To be specific: I can find a match when searching with at least one other person (it takes forever). I cannot find a game when searching alone (which I do often because my friends don’t typically like BTB). I live in US CST. I also placed Champion #13 during the “Preseason” in BTB (when it was ranked). I search the BTB playlist alone for about 4-6min before getting a red “error” message telling me: “Unable to Match There may not be enough players to support a game in this playlist Please try a different playlist”
So I experimented. I signed in with a second account that had zero games played on it…and found a game in BTB instantly while searching alone. I can successfully find a game within 30sec on this brand new account no problem. This alternate account is: genesisrider117 my main account (the one that can’t find games in BTB solo) is: Genesis Rider
Big Team Battle is my favorite arena playlist in Halo 5. I love the new maps. I would sincerely like to play the playlist again while searching solo. I also loved when it was ranked, and wish the ranks would return sometime in the future.

Ps: My NAT type is open and all my ports are correctly open.

So even though it is a social playlist it is still using your Champion rank as a guide for matching you with other players. While I believe there should be some type of skill matching even in unranked they need to loosen this so guys like you can find games again.

I agree that ranked BTB needs to return. I had so much more fun and was way more invested in each game. It is a shame they removed it.

I really have nothing to say here. Have you tried contacting Unyshek to get to the bottom of this issue?

What’s your Xbox reputation like?

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> What’s your Xbox reputation like?

His reputation is good as of now. I play with him often and I just checked his profile too.