Cannot connect to multiplayer games...

I’ve had this issue for 2 days in a row now. I have YET to get into a single multiplayer game.

What happens is the following:

-Load into Infinity
-Start a Team Slayer game
-It gets me a party of 6 or 8 people required
-Starts the game
-I see the UNSC symbol floating around
-Get KICKED right back to the Menu Screen.

This has done this for “20” games, (I checked my service record to see how many games I’ve played) and not ONLY this, I’ve tried both my home connection, my buddies house connection (which is a different ISP) and I opened the NAT on my XBOX Live for BOTH connections.

I saw someone here posted earlier with the same issue and a youtube video of it, I will try to find that.

But in the meantime, HOW DO I FIX THIS?

This is aggravating as I spent $90 on the game, xbox live for 3 months, a new controller etc etc, Getting really frustrated :frowning:


Anyone? Does no one check this? -Yoink-.