cannot connect to MP service record

for the last day and a half, my Spartan Rank has been stuck at 1 and with no playlist ranks or req points. After each game the post game stats wont show up, and I get an error saying cant connect to the service. The stats, XP, and RP from any games I play during this aren’t staying either. Please help!

I am able to connect to multiplayer long enough for a single game. When the game is done, I am still level one with no stats and I didn’t earn any REQ points, with my current req points at 0. On top of that immediately after the game was over I couldn’t look at the stats for the match, instead it endlessly said retrieving data on the screen until I lost connection and was returned to the title screen. The problem with viewing stats is not simply that I cannot see them but that I appear unranked in all arena modes and also that I can no longer earn REQ points making me unable to buy new REQ packs. As a side note, I can’t even view my service records online I’m sent to a page that says “Problem Detected Well, this is embarrassing. Looks like we have some problems on our end.”

343 this is happening to lots of people. Can we at least get an acknowledgment that you’re looking into it??