Cannot change emblem colour

Hey guys,

Since the Hog Wild update I have not been able to change the colour of my emblem. This issue does not extend to any other customization options within the game.

The screen to which you would change the colours of the emblem is simply blank. I am able to navigate in and out of the menu like any others.

My attempts at resolving the issue are as follows:

  • Log out of Xbox Live
  • Uninstall/reinstall Halo 5
  • Reset Xbox settings.

Anybody find a way to get this working or is it something that will have to wait until the larger update at the end of June?


Yeah having the same issue here

Can either of you post a video of this issue?

Sorry my camera hasnt been working, My emblem colours are stuck on 3 specific colours and when i click to change emblem colours nothing loads but a black screen, plus the screen behind my spartan in the menus is a much darker grey (almost black) than usual

It’s now August and still not fixed. Doubt it will be any time soon.