Cannot access FUD from my computer

I bought the limited edition of Halo 4, and entered my code for my digital copy of Forward Unto Dawn, but when I click on the tab [HALO 4 INTEL] -> [FORWARD UNTO DAWN], it says that only users who have purchased the limited edition can view it.

I retyped my code into xbox live, and it said that the code was already in use, so what happened?

bump, because what?

Read the fine print. You have to install the new halo waypoint on your xbox before it becomes available.

In fact you have to start Halo Waypoint on your xbox to make the FUD content available on the HW pc version.
You’ll recive a message that tells you that FUD from the Halo 4 Limited ed. is unlocked, than you can go on your pc and watch the movie (but it is in low quality…).