Cancelling Infinite on Xbox One Question

The idea of cancelling Infinite on xbox one is one that perplexes me. If 343 were even considering lauching this Holidy, wouldn’t level design and enemy designs be mostly set in stone? And if they were pretty set in place, wouldn’t 343 have to rework the entire map to capitalize on the XSX’s hardware, further delaying the game? If the additions were to only be graphical, couldn’t they just be a day one patch for XSX and PC?
Sry if there are too many threads on this topic, but I never saw this get brought up.

Yeah totally agree, this far into development it’d be totally pointless to do it. The game was designed for Xbox One (most likely for the first few years) and scrapping to up the fidelity of graphics would serve little to no benefit when the groundwork for the game is already mostly built with both generations in mind, end of the day the game doesn’t have to be stunning for me personally to enjoy it. I just want the gameplay nailed I can settle for average graphics. In all honestly I even kinda like it. Harkens back to the simplicity of the older games. I can agree something does need to change with the lighting however, that’s the only real issue i have with it.